Louisville, KY
Current Graduation Requirements
  • 2017-18 REQUIREMENTS

    • Each JCHS student works with a counselor to develop an individual graduation plan so that the student can build upon any credits previously earned and take the courses needed to meet graduation requirements.



      Current Requirements

    Courses Credits
    English 4
    Science 3
    Math 3-4
    Social Studies
    History and Appreciation of Visual and Performing Arts
    Health/Physical Education

    Graduation requirements include earning at least 22 credits, achieving college/career readiness or reaching an average 11.0 grade level in mathematics and reading on a standardized achievement test, and fulfilling all state and district graduation requirements, including state assessments. The elective courses offered include additional academic courses and co-op experiences. JCHS is organized into classes of 1 teacher and approximately 18 students. The teacher directs an individualized instructional program for each student. Students proceed at their own pace, using assigned books and other materials as well as JCPSeSchool courses. Student grades are based on completed assignments, test scores, and a final examination for each course. Once the student completes a course, he or she moves on to the next course until all courses have been completed and the student graduates.