Louisville, KY
  • District Tuition Summer School
    Jefferson County High School facilitates the JCPS tuition-based summer school program for high school students. This program is available for credit recovery, student enrichment and to free up space in a schedule. Students will need to have counselor approval to enroll in the summer school program. 

  • Course Information
    Here is a list of available courses.


  • Summer School Application
    Please contact the school counselor for enrollment.  Counselors will request courses online.
  • Refunds
    Tuition will only be refunded if classes are canceled due to an insufficient number of registrations.
  • Absences
    Due to the restricted schedule, students cannot miss any summer school. If students do not meet the attendance requirements, they will be withdrawn from the program.

  • Transportation
    Students must provide their own transportation. There will be no school bus transportation.

    Transit Authority of River City (TARC) tickets may be given to TARC riders. TARC can be reached by calling 585-1234 or by visiting www.ridetarc.org for schedule information.